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A new Social Network App with your jewelry

Receive pings from your Diamodo contacts
and notifications from other apps. Assign custom
blink patterns for each of your contacts.

Handcrafted with Passion

Many local artists with thousands years of
mystic skills handcraft gemstones piece by
piece into their final look.

Emotionally Connected

Whenever you call your loved one
diamodo will flash to show your care about her.


Bluetooth Communication

Wireless Power Transfer

LED Based Illumination

Notification with Pattern Selections
Select Patterns for each apps such as email, WhatsApp. etc.
Genuine Handcrafting
Fine crafted pieces of art...

Bluetooth Connection
Syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth.
Wireless Charging
Diamodo has a special jewelry box that changes the design when one drops the jewelry in.

IOS App & Android App
Available for free download via the App Store and Play Store
Waterproof Design
Electronics are completely sealed to prevent any water damage

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